Transport of stone slabs with swap bodies : Italy - Bierset (Belgium)

Magemar is known as the specialist in maritime transport, but can also realize exceptional transports using swap bodies. 

One example in images of stone slabs that left Italy on swap bodies to be delivered to our final client by train and truck to our site of Bierset. 


We are able to organize this transport thanks to the collaboration and professionalism of our colleagues from Magetra in Italy and in Bierset! 

Magemar - Magetra Group owns its own swap bodies, around 500 from different types: 20', 20' open top, 22', 30' and 45' ones with side doors, with sliding doors or curtains, roofless but covered for bulk products, flat for heavy or bulky products. It is changing and adapting every year.


But why this transport was organized with swap bodies ? What are their advantages ?  

It allows the transport of a very wide range of products,  but also, it is: 


  • Tailored : it allows loading of more goods than in a truck or in a container and therefore is adapted to the level of quantities and types of goods

  • Cheaper : benefits from the advantages of rail transport with large volumes over long distances

  • Flexible : benefits from the advantages of road transport  

  • Economical and ecological: it reduces the consumption of diesel and helps reducing emissions of greenhouse gases  

  • Space saving: once empty, smallest ones are fold and stacked on the return trip 


The diversity of the fleet enables us to find the best solution for your shipment!