General cargo

We ship all types of goods worldwide.

The mode of transport of your cargo depends on the type of goods transported.
What are their characteristics, their weight and volume?

Containers, pallets, big bags, tubes (steel), Raw, Bulk, Controlled Temperature

Where are they loaded and what is their destination? How long will it take?

Each type of goods requires special attention

Each type of goods requires special attention (loading, unloading, stevedoring, ...). Whatever the size or the weight of your cargo, whether in container, pallets, big bags, tubes (steel), raw (wood), in bulk or goods requiring controlled temperature,
we find the adequate solution.

Thanks to our wide network of partners and our experience in this field, we can organize the transport of any type of goods with the most suitable means of transport (sea or river, road, rail, air), as well as through the combination of several of them (multimodal transport);

And this, all over the world.

Either the volume of your goods is large and they are sufficient to occupy on their own the whole space of loading, or the volume is lower and in this case it is necessary to share the space with other companies. Or maybe your needs are more regular and lower.

In full lots, in broken lots, regular line, groupage, what is the best alternative?

Our experts find solutions to the needs of your cargo so that your shipments can be carried out throughout Europe or internationally and ensure they can move the safest and reach their destination.

Our team is tuned, advises you, but also guides you step by step with all the formalities and documents required for your exports (commercial documents, VAT declaration, conformity rules, …).

Stone transport, our area of expertise

For more than 30 years, we have been specialized in the transport of stone in every shape and form.

With our storage area ideally located along the water in Antwerp, we can also stock your blocks, slabs and monuments before distribution.


Project cargo, special attention for your needs

Thanks to our expertise, we organise and manage the full logistics chain of
your transport of oversized and overweight cargo and chartering vessels.

General logistics services

We ensure the transport of your goods, whatever the means of transport and provide door to door services

Related services

Transport also means formalities, port handling operations,… as a freight forwarder, our team guides you step by step.


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